نسيت كلمة السر؟
توتا أبسولوتا مناقشةs
Nick سأل عن 4th Sep 2012

Any non chemical, and organic way of fighting this bug? Thanks!

Freddie وردت على 5th Apr 2013 ISCA Technologies sells pheromone-based mating disruption and attract and kill products for Tuta absoluta, as well as lures for monitoring.,
Anvar وردت على 26th Jul 2016 Spinosad 24%
Cornelius وردت على 31st Oct 2016 There are also predators Nesidiocoris and others also parasites Trichogramma to help together with mass traps. Visit
Radik وردت على 4th Oct 2018 We am lucky to have weeds that bloom all 10 months of vegetation season. I am no-till horticulturist, and some of my commercial cultures also bloom almost all that time. This allows many predators (wasps mostly) love our orchard, and make home here. Also lucky we are that nearest traditional farming with use of pesticides is 2 km away and average wind-rose is keeping the fragrance of their blossom in times, apart from my little helpers. We only plant few rows 80 meter each, of tomatoes for own consumption and for many relatives and friends - now between those rows, there are ever-blooming weeds too. I also found that tuta absoluta is not suppressed there where there table spices grown, like dill, anise and parsley. Those small size wasps hate them and don't come there where they are growing. But for tuta absoluta these plants have no effect. So if there are tomato around these growing spices, they will not be protected. No need to buy those expensive things above. Truly! Just go back to nature.

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